I-TRAP is a snap-on monitoring service that uses Intrusion and Attack Detection Sensors in addition to your existing firewall to provide additional layers of security. I-TRAP is a 24x7 Monitoring and Alerting Service that provides the added support for your organization to fully manage your own security measures.

There are several levels of service available from I-TRAP. Each deployment is a custom configuration based on your network architecture.

This diagram outlines a LEVEL 3 installation.

  • Firewall Reporting Compiles extensive logs into an easy to read daily report

  • Intrusion Detection Sensor Verifies Firewall integrity and internal network events

  • Attack Detection Sensor Detects attempted intrusions and events that are not logged by the Firewall

  • I-Trap Device An onsite recording system that logs, stores and forwards data to I-TRAP Master Control

  • I-TRAP Master Control and Storage Retains customer data and logs, performs the trend and statistics analysis for alerting

  • Secure Reporting Provides real-time access to Firewall, ADS and IDS logs. I-Trap reporting pages include detailed investigative tools for any level of expertise.

  • Network Operations Staffed 24x7 with security professional who review events and distribute alerts based on individual customer policies

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